The Palace – High Court, PRETORIA

01. Our Vision

Motivated by a clear vision of the endless opportunities that the future holds and the passion for law coupled with the love for those we serve, our services are tailor made to be solution focused and deliver expected results, which always provide a return on investment that either meets or exceeds projections.

02. Our Mission

Our mission is to assist our corporate and individual clients to make informed and rational decisions based on our legal services.

Our Executive Team

Modisaotsile Mokomane


Mr. Modisaotsile Mokomane is an assiduous independent thinker with attention to detail, who has vast experience and the required knowledge to tackle every aspect of a legal matter. Has right of appearance in South African courts and is in good standing. Competent in general civil litigation, drafting opinions and contracts, labour and employment law, Corporate Governance, Family law, 3rd party claims and a skilful negotiator who is practical and endeavour’s to find solutions by focusing on issues at hand and the bigger picture.

Kenneth Sithole


Mr. Kenneth Sithole is an admitted High Court attorney with right of appearance in South African Courts and in good standing. An attorney who is very proficient in the areas of commercial and corporate law, administration of estates and wills, 3rd party claims, labour and employment law, Family law, drafting of legal opinions and contracts. Possesses the necessary civil and litigation skills and maintains a high record of settling matters within expected time frames.

Our Objectives

  • To litigate to the best of our abilities.
  • Empower clients to deal with their situations in an effective and efficient manner that is practical and cost effective.
  • To assist employers/companies adhere to the constitutional values of the Republic.
    Contribute to world peace, justice and safeguarding of human rights.

Our Working Languages

We are fluent in English, Setswana, Sepedi, SeSotho and isiZulu.

We have working knowledge of Afrikaans, Tsonga, Ndebele, SeSwati and Venda.

Sithole & Mokomane Attorneys at Work